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Real Estate Law

In our trade of providing advice to individuals and companies, Real Estate Law is of great importance.

Real estate law is one of the most important legal areas of our legal system, since it deals with matters of particular importance and sensitivity such as the purchase and sale of real estate, lease agreements, claim demanding payment of debts, etc., as well as judicial disputes that may arise from it.

In addition, in recent years, real estate law has taken on special importance since it is one of the main drivers of the economy of advanced countries. It is a matter subject to constant social, political or administrative, and especially legislative, change.

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In Iuris we can advise you on:

Purchase and sale of real estate.
Earnest money contracts.
Call option agreements.
Real estate companies.
Promotion, construction and technical agreements.
Lease agreements.
Communities of property owners and horizontal ownership.
Claim of debts.
Eviction procedures.
Urban affairs.
Maintenance of housing.
Contractual breaches