Starting back in 1992 and from the emblematic Coderch Buildings in the Sarrià district of Barcelona, our illustrious founder, Josep Cubells, and an impeccable group of professionals put all their experience and knowledge at the service of our customers both nationally and internationally to fulfill a mission:

Experience 01.

Objectivity and transparency in our services. The knowledge acquired over more than 25 years, the dedication of our team and the trust that our customers have always placed in us, has allowed us to advance to present day, thus knowing all possible legal remedies and informing customers of the risks and possibilities of success of their assignments, always offering the highest priority in each case.

Commitment 02.

Commitment is achieved when we go beyond our obligations. With a resounding respect for the ethical norms of the legal profession, at Iuris Grup we are involved in solving your problems, guaranteeing confidentiality, excellence and professionalism in everything we do.

Proximity 03.

We are equipped with a wide range of computer and multimedia applications that will allow you to easily locate us and receive answers to all your queries quickly, securely and efficiently. We also offer a customized and direct service from the first visit to the last procedure; if you can't move, we do.

Innovative solutions 04.

Innovation is, above all, a state of mind and our profession forces us to be innovative. For this reason, we are in a continuous active state that forces us to seek, at all levels, the way to be more competitive to understand and offer the best to each of our customers.

Flexibility 05.

The legal profession is itself a dynamic profession with legislative and case law changes. The continuous training of our team of lawyers allows us to be flexible and versatile, being able to adapt to new scenarios and facilitating the delegation of powers among the professionals of the firm.

Specialized 06.

We are a firm specialized in Sports Law and International Trade or commercial legal advice to companies. The extensive knowledge of sports of our founding partners and a long curriculum of successful relationships with the Italian market, allow us to offer detailed and quality advice in both areas.