More than 25 years at your service


The "leitmotiv" of Iuris Group: our customers. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to defend their interests; we work with you and for you.


Commercial operations are probably the most important in the economy of companies, which is why it is essential to have comprehensive advice that provides effective and definitive solutions for your company in all phases of its corporate life: from the establishment of the company to the legal organization of its business activity, and through all those specific operations required.

The quality of our services and our ability to respond in this field, give us the trust and loyalty of our clients, both domestic and foreign.

Iuris Grup will advise you on company, contractual and corporate restructuring matters, the responsibility of partners and administrators and bankruptcy planning.


Iuris Grup is closely focused on international trade and, for this reason, we specialize in legislation related to EU I and EEC Community law and international trade law.

In our firm we offer legal and economic advice to our clients in all matters relating to International Trade, ranging from the establishment and creation of companies in Spain to issues concerning international expansion.

We have a close link with the Italian market. Hundreds of clients who, over the years, have placed their trust in Iuris Grup, have made us an expert advisor in Spain-Italy relations.